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“I am building because one nail and hammer will lead to stability and generational wealth.”

Karin Jimenez is a single mother who works as a Quality Assurance Call Monitor for an automobile insurance company. She and her 11-year-old son, Josiah, are on their journey towards homeownership with Habitat. Karin and Josiah have an amazing relationship and love to spend quality time together. They enjoy watching movies, having nerf battles, and traveling to Orlando to visit Universal Studios together. Josiah also likes to play PlayStation, soccer, and Monopoly. Every few months, the mom and son duo likes to go out to eat at Mr. and Mrs. Crab and spend time together over a good meal.

“The last two years has been a life of instability, which has been a new journey for both of us,” Karin explains to us. In 2019, Karin purchased a townhome which she believed was going to be her forever home at the time. However, the condition of the home ended up being so poor that it caused both Karin and Josiah to get sick. She was forced to sell the home with assistance from a lawyer and that is when the instability began. She sold the home at the beginning of the pandemic which made it even more difficult to find a new place to live. She and Josiah spent many nights sleeping in the living room of her mother and brother’s apartments while their items stayed in storage. They finally found a condo to move into and signed a two-year agreement, but after one year, they were forced to vacate in a matter of four months because the property was being sold. Inflation was at an all time high and they could not find a new place quick enough, so they were back to sleeping in their family’s apartments.

After many months of hardship, Karin applied to the Habitat for Humanity program so that she could hopefully stop the cycle of instability and provide a safe and affordable home for herself and her son. Soon enough, Karin was accepted into the program and she was filled with joy and happy tears. She and her son are very excited to have a home that they can call theirs. “I think the first difference noticed will be in the peaceful sleep knowing that we are home,” she tells us. “The peace of mind that we have something that we can actually call ours. Being able to provide a stable home that my son can have for his upcoming school years and know that things won’t change is something I look forward to.”

“I look forward to pulling in to my driveway and turning a key to my own place or parking my car in the garage if the home is equipped with one. I look forward to decorating for Halloween (which is my son and I’s favorite holiday), putting up Christmas lights, or being able to have somewhere to cookout for the holidays. Mostly I look forward to getting back to having movie nights with my son, having a nerf gun battle, or a monopoly night which is something we haven’t had in months now.”

A Habitat home like this could not be possible without donations from our community. If you or your business are interested in supporting our cause, please check out our Donation Page for more info on our sponsorship and donation opportunities.

“Home is where changes are seen, life is lived, and love is shared.”

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The Jimenez Family home was dedicated on May 16th, 2023.

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