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“My house will be our foundation.”

Meet Laneicia, a dedicated single mother to three daughters: J’aolani (13), Ma’lani (9), and Aolani (6). All three girls are passionate about cheerleading and treasure their family time together. Laneicia has faced numerous challenges in her current living situation, where getting her landlord to address maintenance issues is a constant struggle. “It has been difficult to get my landlord to fix things in a timely manner or even at all,” she shares. The limited space and the challenging area further complicate their lives.

Laneicia’s journey with Habitat for Humanity is a beacon of hope for her family. She dreams of providing her daughters with the stability they deserve. “I hope to learn about the foundation of a home and things to fix in a time of need,” she explains. The knowledge and skills she gains in the Habitat program will empower her to create a secure and nurturing environment for her daughters.

The prospect of having her own home fills Laneicia with excitement and anticipation. “I’m looking forward to being able to have a home to call my own,” she expresses. For Laneicia, a home is more than just a physical space; it represents stability, security, and a place where her family can come together. “Home is where we are all together!” she declares. She understands that nothing comes easy, but her determination to provide a better life for her children keeps her going. “When you feel like all hope is lost, keep going—there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!”

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