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“Habitat for Humanity is a chance for everyone who puts in the commitment to have a safe home.”

Yolanda Hovey is a single mother to two daughters: 21-year-old Nicole and 12-year-old Sarah. The family of three is on their journey towards homeownership together with Habitat for Humanity. Yolanda is a medical office representative and has worked for BayCare Medical Group for over 15 years. She says, “I would describe myself as someone who works very hard. I work full-time but I also consider myself a full-time mom. I make sure I’m always there for my children no matter what.” Her eldest daughter is in college full-time and is studying to become a dentist. Her youngest daughter is in middle school and loves reading, writing, and anything to do with Marvel and Harry Potter. Yolanda tells us, “My daughters aim to please and are very respectful and kind. I think it’s important for them to make me proud bringing home excellent grades because they’ve seen the struggle of being raised by a single mom.”

“It’s been challenging moving from home to home,” Yolanda says. She has lost count of how many times she has moved since her divorce. “This last home we had been in for seven years, but all because it cost so much to move.” Her home has been infested with rats that come from the house next-door that has been vacant for many years. Also, every time something breaks down in the house the landlord tries to blame is on Yolanda, when in reality it’s because the house is so old.” I’ve had to come out of pocket for repairs many times,” she says. “There has been so many electrical issues and plumbing issues.”

When Yolanda found out that her family was accepted into the Habitat homeownership program, she felt overwhelmed with joy. “I cried and prayed, and I thought about how our prayers have been answered. I told my kids and they were so overjoyed. My little girl was so excited that she was finally going to get her own room.” Yolanda says she is most looking forward to having a house with clean air. She will not longer have to deal with mold issues that cause her daughter to have allergy problems.
For anyone who is considering applying to the program, Yolanda offers these words of wisdom: “Don’t give up. There may be some roadblocks but the end result will be worth it. The feeling of giving up and being overwhelmed will all be worth it when you have the key to your new home in your hand.” For more information on how to apply for the Habitat homeownership program, please visit our Apply Page on our website.
“Home is where my children will finally be able to feel safe.”
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