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“Home is where you can have a piece of mind.”

Endia and Jasmine closed on their Habitat home in July of 2020. Special thanks to their home sponsors, Innovation Cabinetry.

Endia and Jasmine worked hard towards their dream of homeownership so Isaiah can grow up in a forever home. “We are a Baptist family. We love family, and look forward to having family gatherings for the holidays.”

Endia was without a home for five years. The rising expense of apartments became too much for the family, and Endia’s monthly income was not enough to allow them to live comfortably with a high rent cost. “I now have a peace of mind knowing that I will not have to worry about paying high rent forever.”

The family loved the process of earning sweat equity hours. “I was very excited to learn how to put up windows and cabinets. These are things I thought I wouldn’t be able to do. Not only did I do it, but I enjoyed it.”

“Knowing that I can paint my walls, plant flowers in my yard, and just say that I am a homeowner makes me feel so proud. It took us two years, but look at us now. We are homeowners.”

You can watch Endia & Jasmine’s home dedication at https://youtu.be/Vtlu8aILILY

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