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“Home is where happiness is found. Our Habitat Home will have plenty of happiness in it.”

Andi and Ardiana Halilaj are hardworking parents to three little girls – Ambla (6), Andra (4), and Hana (2). Andi works as a service technician for Hobart. The family loves doing anything as long as they are together. The girls love being in the water, whether it’s the pool or the ocean. “Just get these girls outdoors, and they will be happy,” said Andi.

The Halilaj Family looks forward to having that space and a yard for their children. Giving their daughters the freedom to play and have the space to imagine is a big bonus to a safe and secure home. They also enjoy that when they leave for work, school, or a trip, they say they can’t wait to be home. Right now, they are living with family members in a crowded apartment. “We are living with my parents,” said Andi. “Four adults and three children in a two-bedroom is no way to live.”

If you think that sounds crowded, imagine being Ardiana, who grew up in a family of nine children. Ardiana (surname Xhokli) and her family emigrated from war-torn Kosovo. They got into the Habitat program and became the first family to own a Habitat home in Safety Harbor. Her father still occupies that home. Over the years, other family members earned their Habitat homes. Now, it’s Ardiana’s turn. She and Andi were surprised with acceptance into the Habitat program on March 30, 2023.

The Halilaj Family encourages everyone to volunteer and experience what it is like to build a home or help out at a Habitat ReStore. “By volunteering, you are making somebody’s dream come true,” said Andi. Those looking to volunteer can visit Habitat’s volunteer page on this website.

“We are building for our kids,” said Andi. “We are building for a future that is possible now.”

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