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“Having something to pass down generations is so special.”

Brenda, a Certified Medical Assistant, and her children will soon be in their forever home. “I am a very hardworking mother of four. My family would give the shirt off of our backs for someone in need. My children are what keep me going every day through this process, and we love to have family time with my mother.”

Brenda’s eldest son, Benjamin, loves to play basketball and video games. He loves to help out the neighborhood and frequently cuts grass for his neighbors. Her daughter, Beniyah, is a fashionista and loves to create her own style. She is a big role model for her cousins, and is always instilling good morals in them. She plans to become a doctor in the future. Her son, Bennie (BJ), is very soft-spoken, and wants to be an engineer when he grows up. He loves to help cook, and is always offering to do things for others. Her youngest, Brendan, started kindergarten this year and loves to talk about his school days with his mom. He is very empathetic and caring towards everyone. “We love to have family game nights, movie nights, and more. Everything we do, we do together.”

This family of five currently lives in a two bedroom two bathroom home, where they deal with an abundance of problems. They have very little insulation in the home, and holes and gaps in the window that leave them with an extremely high electricity bill. They have a terrible mold problem, which has caused many health issues for the children. “No words can explain the feeling I had when we were accepted into the program. It was a long road to get to this point, but we are a strong family and God doesn’t give you more than you can handle!”

“I imagine our lives will and future will be so much better now that we will have our own home, and I will be able to give something so sentimental to my children. I am looking forward to having cookouts in the backyard, family holiday gatherings, and being able to sit on the porch as the sun goes down, and just recap on how we got here from where we were before.”

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The Graham Family home was dedicated on June 21, 2021.

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