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“We will finally have our own home where we can make everlasting memories.”

Crystal Goss is a Childcare Director who is working towards her homeownership for her two sons. Her son, J’vion, is 20-years-old and is a very kind hearted person. He enjoys fast cars and hopes to be a mechanic when he is older. Her other son, Joshua, is 10-years-old and is diagnosed with Autism. His mother describes him as “very loving and caring”. Joshua enjoys anything that has to do with Pok√©mon, math, numbers, and typing on his laptop. When describing herself, Crystal says “I enjoy doing anything creative and crafty. Everyone calls me the Pinterest queen,”. She explains that she is a mother who just wants the best for her children.

“Our current living situation overcrowded,” Crystal explains. The family of three is living with Crystal’s sister and her family of four which makes the home extremely cramped. “With the rent market so expensive, we’re not able to afford the space that we need.” It’s been very difficult for Josh, her son with Autism, because of the noise in the home and some activities tend to be overwhelming with all of the people.

Before getting accepted into the Habitat program, Crystal had applied multiple programs and was denied. She worked hard to do what she needed to do to meet the requirements. With her determination, she was finally accepted into the Habitat program and her boys could not be happier! “As a single parent I will no longer have to worry about my rent going up yearly and sometimes twice a year. A Habitat home will give both me and my family long term stability.” The family is looking forward to making so many memorable moments in their new forever home. Crystal is looking forward to inviting family over for barbeques in her backyard. “I want my family to have stability and a safe place to live. A home where love is always given!”

Habitat is currently seeking qualified candidates for our homeownership program. If you are someone you know interested in learning more about the program and how to apply, please visit our Apply Page on our website for more information.

“Habitat for Humanity is a fresh start to a new beginning.”

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