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“I am building because I am molding a foundation for my future and my child’s future.”

Ashley Glenn is an account specialist for L’Oreal SalonCentric who will soon purchase her own home with a 0% interest mortgage through Habitat. She is single mother to two-year toddler, Cayson. “Pray for me, I need a ton of energy to keep up with him,” said Ashley with a laugh. “He keeps me busy.” Ashley loves being a mom and is also extremely close with her parents and grandmother. Ashley believes in the power of prayer and knows that having faith in God, and in other human beings, will lead to good things happening in her life. “I always want to make my family proud of me and be able to be a strong pillar for my family to turn to for events or functions,” Ashley told Habitat.

Ashley and her son are currently living with her mother. While the love and support of being in a home with her mother is a blessing, Ashley knows there is a growing challenge that comes with a growing child. “Cayson is super active and as he grows older so does that need for more space,” Ashley said. “I think it is very important that my son grows up in a strong environment so he may learn principles, morals and responsibilities.” Ashley has been driven to get accepted and complete the Habitat program. “When I was accepted into the program I was like, ‘Praise God,’” said Ashley. “I was just thankful, excited, and ready for what was next.”

Being able to become a homeowner, through affordable homeownership with a zero-interest mortgage, will help Ashley accomplish a life goal. “This is my dream to be a homeowner,” said Ashley. “I know that I will have more self-sufficiency and my son will be able to learn the same values with this stable environment.” Ashley also sees this home as a solid foundation that will allow the community to view her as someone they can turn to and rely on. “I want to cater to the community and show them what success and lifelong financial stability looks like,” Ashley said.

Ashley knows that is takes a lot of work just to get into the Habitat program. At times the process can discourage some from seeing things through. Ashley’s advice is “This is a great opportunity to open up your world to new people and new experiences. At the end of this journey is the dream of homeownership.” If you would like to learn more about the Habitat program visit our Apply Page of our website.

“Earning your home is hard work. And I am ready to work for it.”

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