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“Habitat for Humanity is a bridge for families to achieve the dream of homeownership.”

Crisnely Gil, a commercial photographer who is attending Pinellas Technical School, is on her journey towards her forever home. She is a single mother to her 13-year-old daughter, Bianca who loves art, drawing, painting, and music. The two love to spend time together outdoors biking, going to the beach, and exploring nature.

The mother-daughter duo currently lives in a two-bedroom apartment where the rent is taking up over half of their income, which has been a huge challenge. Getting accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program was life changing for the Gil family. Crisnely shares that “I was so incredibly happy, and grateful, and excited all at the same time. Honestly, my first thought was; thank God for giving us this amazing opportunity to improve our lives.”

Crisnely is eager to begin her new life in her home with Bianca. “For me being in my own home, where my kid can live comfortable in her own space, gives me a sense of security, not just financially, which is very important, but also as legacy or stability. Thanks to the incredible hard work that Habitat for Humanity is

doing with the community, homeownership is an accessible dream. The two are excited to have a safe space to build memories and to grow.

The Gil Family’s experience with sweat equity was very rewarding and satisfying. Crisnely tells us that through the program she was able to dream about her new house, all while having a greater appreciation for the construction workers and all of the staff members that dedicate their time to the program and the families. “Having the feeling that I was part of something for another family like mine, makes me feel indescribably proud.”

For anyone who is considering applying to the Habitat program, Crisnely offers this advice: “Get close to the program, even if you think that you are not qualified. Habitat will work with you to make your dreams of having your own home come true. ”

“My house will be a place of love.”

The Gil Family Home was Dedicated on November 22nd and was sponsored by MaintenX.

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