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“Habitat wants you to become a homeowner. Habitat wants to see you win.”

Regina Ferrell, a science administrative assistant, is on her journey towards homeownership with Habitat. As a single mother to two sons—Kevin, aged 28, and Frank, affectionately called Gill, aged 6—Regina’s life revolves around creating a stable and loving environment for her children. “My family strongly consists of me and my two sons. We are all very close,” Regina shares.

Living in a second-floor apartment has presented numerous challenges for Regina, especially with Gill’s special needs. “It’s difficult for my son due to the space and having to pace gently and quietly out of respect for the neighbors below,” she explains. The lack of space for Gill to move around and exercise safely has been a constant struggle, in addition to the ever-present worry of potential rent increases. “It’s really hard having to keep in mind the possibilities of rent increases while making sure I can comfortably afford to stay and care for my son and myself,” she adds.

Finding out she was accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program was a moment of profound relief and gratitude for Regina. “My first thoughts were of gratitude to God. My son will have a forever home,” she says. The opportunity to own a home means stability and a sense of accomplishment for Regina.

Looking ahead, Regina envisions a future filled with security and joy. “Knowing someday I will have a home of my own to one day pass down to my family really makes me feel like I have accomplished something really special and valuable,” she says. The thought of her sons being inspired to follow in her footsteps and create a legacy of their own fills her with pride. “A legacy and a game changer were made starting with me. That’s a major difference.” Regina is most looking forward to seeing the smiles on her boys’ faces when they finally move into their new home. “Creating a new lifestyle and beautiful memories for my family is important to me.”

Habitat for Humanity has been a lifeline for Regina and countless others striving for stability and a brighter future. “Habitat for Humanity is a lifesaver for so many individuals, and I’m so grateful for this program,” she expresses. We invite you to support the families in our program by donating to Habitat for Humanity. Your contributions help families like Regina’s build the foundation for a brighter future, filled with hope and stability. To learn more about how you can support Habitat and our mission, please visit out Donate Page on our website.

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