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“Habitat is a great opportunity to experience helping families fulfill a dream they may have never thought would come true.”

Latrice Feaster is a single mother who has been working as a Texas Resolution Specialist at Medicaid DR for over seven years. Her dream of becoming a homeowner and giving her family a space that they can be comfortable and happy will soon become a reality because of Habitat. She has two sons, Jamari (age 12) and Jayden (age 8), who love football, basketball, watching TV, and learning new things. The family enjoys the outdoors and loves exploring local parks together where they can check out the interesting landscapes. Latrice and her sons are very close with one another. “We pray, have fun, learn, and read together.”

In today’s market, it has been very difficult for Latrice as a single mother to find affordable housing. She tells us “The market is not acceptable of the Section 8 voucher and it has been very challenging.” Receiving the news that her family was accepted into the Habitat program was the most exciting news Latrice had ever gotten in her life. “I was so happy to know that I am moving into the steps to have a place where my kids and I can call our forever home.”

Latrice is excited about earning her Sweat Equity hours so that she is able to become a more independent woman and learn things that she would normally have to depend on someone else for. Moving into her new house will allow for her family to decorate landscape, garden, and have a place they can call their “forever home”. She tells us that her house will be “a place where I am comfortable, happy, and full of prayer.”

Building a home for a family like the Feaster’s would not be possible without the support of our community. If you are interested in learning about how to donate to our affiliate, you can check out the Donate Page on our website for more information.

“I am very thankful for the person my kids have made me. I was leading to the wrong places in life and I am very proud of the mother, sister, and friend I have become.”

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