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“We are looking forward to moving into our new Habitat home and cannot wait to witness miracles unfold before our very eyes.”

In Fall of 2021, Esteban and Jocelyn Escobar received the news that they were accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program and their lives began to change forever. They are now on their journey towards homeownership and will move into a forever home that is safe, stable, and affordable for themselves and their three daughters: Catalina (age 5), Melina (age 2), and Yadelina (almost one year).

The Escobar Family’s currently living situation can be described as overcrowded. There is not enough space for the family of five to live comfortably in their home. After moving into their new Habitat home, there will be plenty of space for the family to spend time with one another and make memories without feeling cramped or crowded. The Habitat program is especially important for Jocelyn and Esteban because of the struggles they have faced in the past. “We are doing our absolute best to break the cycle of abuse and the fourth generational curse of poverty that’s over our family,” Jocelyn tell us. The Habitat for Humanity program offers a way for families to create generational wealth and to break the cycle of poverty that many families in our community are facing due to the lack of affordable housing in the area.

Applying for the Habitat for Humanity program is just the first step towards the dream of homeownership. For anyone considering applying for the program, Jocelyn offers this advice: “If you are thinking about becoming a Habitat homeowner – DO IT! That seed was planted in you for a reason, so pray and fast, do your research, prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually. Then once you jump in, have faith, and keep pushing forward. As long as you do everything wholeheartedly and perform at your very best, you’ll walk away knowing that everything happened the EXACT way that it was supposed to happen. And that goes for everything that you pursue in life!” For more information on how to apply or refer someone to the Habitat program, please visit our Apply Page on our website.

“I am building because I know that this home is bigger than our family, bigger than Habitat, and even bigger than our community.”

The Escobar Family home was dedicated on January 31st, 2023.

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