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“Home is where we dream, we grow, and love.”

Hard-working and goal-oriented, Jamie Edwards, is a single mother to four children and a grandmother to three. For the past 20 years, she has worked as a certified nursing assistant. She considers herself to be adventurous, easy-going, and fun. Her children, Satodra (age 28), Loren (25), Michael (24), and Janae (17), have been the center of her life after becoming a teen mom and she continues to provide for and raise her children the best that she could. Satodra, her oldest daughter, is the mother of her three grandchildren: Eddie (age 8), Emery (4) and Easton (2). Satodra, Loren, and Michael have all have grown and moved out of the house, but Janae remains at home with her mother. Jamie tells us “My family and I are very close. We enjoy having games nights where we pick teams and do relay races. We also like taking small trips. We take time to talk about life and support each other ambitions, interest, passion and overall health.”

No matter how hard Jamie had worked, she was always struggling to afford overpriced rent. Over time, she has paid more in rent than a mortgage. Apartment life has become and inconvenience to the family’s everyday living. Things break and remain unfixed, resulting in the family having to get rid of personal belongings due to maintenance neglect. The apartment space is also compact and gives little room for flexibility.

When Jamie found out that her family was accepted, she was ecstatic. “I was over filled with tears of joy. I have worked so hard building my credit and financial stability to become a homeowner. I am so grateful to have been selected. I’ve prayed for this moment and it is a blessing God has answered my prayers.”

In her brand new forever home, Jamie is looking forward to spending time with her family and watching her grandchildren play in the yard. “I’ve always wanted to start a garden so I’m excited about that. I look forward to having privacy and peace. I am looking extremely forward to choosing the designs, paint, floor plan options.” Jamie is ready for the changes that living in a Habitat home will bring to her life. She knows it will provide her family with security and stability. “The small things that are a nuisance now are going to become luxuries in my own home. I imagine a future full of memories with the ones I love.”

Volunteers are an important piece of the larger Habitat puzzle. Without them, we could not do what we do. Jamie says, “To anyone looking to become a Habitat volunteer, I would assure you that the opportunity would bring forth a great experience. In addition to the experience, volunteers can become knowledgeable of the what it takes to help build in the community. It is beneficial to be apart of resourceful organizations.” For more information on how to volunteer on one of our build sites, in our ReStores, and at our events, please check out our Volunteer Page on our website.

“My house will be the beginning of our complete future.”

The Edwards Family Home was dedicated on May 23rd, 2022.

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