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“This is an opportunity to start a new life. A new life for my children and myself. To reach goals that were just not thought of as a possibility.”

Erica Dupuis is a medical assistant for a healthcare office and a single mother to her two daughters, Jazalynn (age 13) and Haven (age 5), and her nephew, Jaziyah (age 5). She graduated with her Medical Assistant Degree from Keiser College and is now on her journey to becoming a homeowner with Habitat and changing her family’s lives forever. Erica describes her family as very loveable. “We love each other with everything we have. My oldest has seen all of my ups and downs. I am a single hard working mother doing the best I can to provide for my children. We are a family that has overcome many obstacles, as well as many tragedies. We stand together and support each other in rain and sunshine.” Her oldest child, Jazalynn, is very creative and loves anything to do with art. Her two youngest, Haven and Jaziyah, are only four months apart in age, so they act like twins. They both enjoy coloring, playing with babies, and trucks.

“Our home is very crowded for our family,” Erica tells us when describing her current living situation. The family has dealt with many issues involving mold, improper A/C conditions, lack of hot water, plumbing issues, excessively high bills due to the improper upkeep of the home by the rental company, and a broken fence that results in people running out of their backyard at all hours of the night. “Our home is not satisfactory for proper living conditions.”

When Erica learned that her family was approved for the Habitat homeownership program, she felt emotions of excitement and nervousness. “This opportunity was absolutely amazing and I was beyond thrilled, not only for myself, but for my children. I was over the moon. I know this will be a very challenging program but the finish line will be so worth it.” In her new forever home, Erica is excited to finally have her own bedroom door, which she is lacking in her current home. “I know that sounds funny but I currently do not. I am looking forward to having my children have their own space to play and sing. I enjoy looking forward to meeting new people in the neighborhood as well.”

The Davis Home would not be a possibility without advocacy. Our affiliate is making a further commitment and investment advocating for the advancement of affordable homeownership. You can learn more about our advocacy efforts by visiting our Advocate Page.

“I am hopefully that my home will allow me a safe environment for my children as well as lessen the financial burden on myself and my family. Hoping it will help my children have a better chance of having a successful life. To also show them they are capable of anything they put their minds too.”

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The Dupuis Family home was dedicated on April 15th, 2022.

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