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“Everyone here at Habitat that I have had the opportunity to work with makes you feel like family.”

Angela, a seven-year employed office manager at Advanced Primary Care, is working towards homeownership for her four children. “Before everything else, I am a mom. I love spending time with my kids, and I love watching them grow. We love to cook together, take family walks, watch movies, and so much more. Me and my siblings were raised by my grandmother after dealing with the tragic death of my father at a young age. My grandma was a living angel, and made sure my family stayed together, so I give so much of my credit to her for raising me to be who I am today.”

Her oldest son, Keyon, is a huge superhero fan. He plays basketball and football. Her daughter, Kaylana, is very artistic and loves to color, draw, and dress up. Her second youngest, Kaylani, is a huge animal lover. She loves to play in her kitchen and “cook” for her siblings. Her youngest, Keyonna, “is just getting used to the world and is full of life. She is as happy as can be.”

The family of five is currently crammed in a small, 2 bedroom home. “Although we love being together, I think my kids will really appreciate having their own space. Especially as we all grow older.” Angela is now working through the Habitat Homeownership Program. “What better thing to give my children than stability. This is such an amazing feeling!”

“I believe my life will improve so much more with Habitat giving me the chance to be a homeowner and raise my children in a home that is our own. We can mark the wall of them growing, and make the space ours.”

Angela is most excited about the stability that this home will bring, and never having to rent expensive units again. “This will be my home, my sanctuary, and a welcoming place for all.”



The Dean Family home was dedicated on December 21st, 2021 and was sponsored by the Valspar Championship and Copperhead Charities.

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