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“I imagine a beautiful life in my Habitat home. A life where my children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren can always call home.”

Mikalaha Davis-McNair is a Advanced Medical Support Assistant at Bay Pines VA and a single mother to two boys: Xylin (age 7) and Xamir (age 4). The two brothers love listening to and making music. They also enjoy playing sports, riding their bikes, and going to the beach and pool.

Since the age of 16, Mikalaha has been on her own. Between the ages of 18 and 23, she and her son moved around a lot, including times where she has to sleep on air mattresses or even pallets on someone’s floor. For the past four years, the family of three has been living in a small 2-bedroom apartment. While Mikalaha is extremely grateful for her apartment, the space is difficult to live in with two growing boys. Soon enough, the Davis-McNair family will be living in their own safe, affordable, and spacious home.

“My goal is to give my children a better life than I had. I never want them to endure what I did throughout life,” Mikalaha explains. “Out of 28 years no place I’ve ever lived has felt like home. I’m ready to be able to say I helped my children achieve that feeling. Just knowing I would be able to give them something I’ve never had makes my heart smile.”

Throughout her time in the program so far, Mikalaha has really enjoyed earning her sweat equity hours. “I like working on build sites. You learn so much and meet so many nice people that are on the same journey as you.” In her new home, she is looking forward to sitting outside and watching her children run and play in the backyard.

Is becoming a homeowner a dream or goal that you strive for, but find yourself not being able to afford a typical home in the expensive market? Consider applying for the Habitat program! Habitat homes are brand new, spacious homes that come with a 0% interest mortgage, keeping the home affordable for the duration of the loan. To learn more about how to apply or refer a friend to the Habitat program, please visit our Apply Page on our website.

“We all deserve a place to call our own and a place that feels like home.”

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