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“It’s a different feeling when you help build your home. Something I will cherish forever.”

Tiffany, A Medical Primary Care Receptionist, is building her Habitat home for her family. “We need somewhere we can feel safe and sound. Somewhere we can call home. Somewhere the generations to come can also call home.”

Tiffany has one daughter, Christine, who enjoys playing in the park, watching Disney Princess movies (especially Frozen), singing, and dancing. Together they enjoy painting, swimming, having arts and craft time, and praying together. Tiffany is working towards achieving her goal of raising her daughter in a “childhood home”, where all of their memories will stay with them forever. “I want to remember Christmas time, decorating our front yard (which we’ve never had), and more. Growing up I moved around a lot, and it caused a lot of heartaches leaving behind a part of my life. I’ll do anything to avoid doing this to my daughter.”

At the moment, the family lives in a tight apartment space where they share a bedroom and limited storage space. They have mold in the bathroom, wasp nests everywhere outside of the apartment, and are on the third floor- making it difficult to go in and out with a three-year-old. Tiffany was accepted into the Habitat program and said, “I thanked God with all my heart. I remember thinking ‘wow, my future is starting to look up!’ This is an amazing opportunity and I’ll forever be grateful.”

“I am so eager to learn about taking care of a home. I’ve got a lot to learn, and I’m dedicated to it. Through this program, not only do you become a homeowner, but they teach you how to be successful in maintaining the home and managing your money.”

When imagining how her life will change with a Habitat home, Tiffany says, “I imagine my daughter’s first day of school, and tucking her into bed in her own room. I imagine all of the holidays spent celebrating in our home, and baking cookies for Santa together. Being able to decorate how we want. It will be so nice to even start our own garden.”

“My house will be peaceful, beautiful, full of memories and full of prayers.”

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