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“Habitat gave me the opportunity to change my family’s life around and look up to a brighter future.”

Andrada Dan is a self-employed nail and lash technician and a single mother to her one-year-old daughter, Zahra. She moved to America from Romania with her mother and sister when she was 8-years-old. “Growing up I watched my mother struggle and work hard to try to provide for my sister and I in a foreign country while speaking no English,” Andrada tell us. “My mom is one of the bravest person I know. I now have a daughter of my own.” While Zahra is still very young, she is already talking a lot and loves to play with toys. She also loves Mickey Mouse! A year ago, Zahra’s father and Andrada’s boyfriend sadly passed away. “When he was murdered last year I felt like my whole world was taken from my daughter and I,” she explains. “Despite all of the devastation we have gone through, getting approved into the Habitat program was like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.”

After losing Zahra’s father, the two had to move into Andrada’s sister’s guest room. “I am very grateful my sister is letting us stay in her guest room, but I would love for Zahra to have her own space and myself as well. It’s been difficult physically and mentally going from having your own space and little family to having it all taken away.” Within the next year, Andrada and her daughter will own their very own forever home with a 0% interest mortgage with Habitat, keeping the home affordable. “I see myself paying off my house by the time my daughter turns 15. Because a Habitat home is affordable, that will give me a chance to give my daughter a better life and pay for her college.”

In her new home, Andrada is most looking forward to making new memories with her baby girl. A new home with Habitat will provide a safe space for the family of two to grow and thrive. Making new memories in their safe home would not be possible without the help of our Habitat volunteers. “The families they are helping greatly appreciate it and  without their help, this dream wouldn’t be possible.” For more information on how to get involved with volunteering on our build sites, in our ReStores, or at our events, please visit the Volunteer Page on our website.

“I am building because I deserve a new, safe and sturdy home.”

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