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Sandra, a Medical Assistant and Advocate for Clearwater Free Clinic, is working towards her forever home with Habitat. She is a mother of two, Robert and Stacey, and a grandmother of five children who are so excited to cheer her on through the program.

“I love going on vacations with my family, and spending time with my grandchildren, Alexis, Cameron, Juliana, Mason, and Isabella. We really enjoy going to the beach together, collecting shells, and watching the sun set. Other times we like to go to the playground, and bake at home together.”

Although Sandra has not had a terrible living situation over the years, she continues to struggle with the rising rent costs every year. “It is getting so much harder to pay for necessary things when costs keep going up.” When she was accepted into the Habitat program, where she will receive a 0% interest mortgage, she felt nothing but excitement. “I didn’t think it could happen. I finally have a place to call HOME.” She has enjoyed learning all of the necessary tools to become a homeowner, and completing her sweat equity hours.

“Life will be different with my home, because it will be a place to call my own and to make new memories with my grandchildren. I’ll be able to retire with stability, peace, and new memories knowing I worked hard to have a forever home.

Sandra is overwhelmed with excitement and is looking forward to her dedication ceremony. “Everything works out in the end. My house will be full of love, happiness, and wonderful memories.”

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  • Jeanne says:

    Sandy, this was such a beautiful surprise! and you are so deserving of your new home. I cannot even imagine how you feel.!
    You deserve this new home, you have given up your life to help others. Now it’s time for you to reap the benefits of all your efforts.
    Cannot wait to be there for you.

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