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“This process has taught me that I am a strong person, and can accomplish so many things with the help of Habitat.”

Olga, a 30-year experienced Data Entry Operator and Office Clerk, is working towards her Habitat home for her family of five. “We were all taught from a young age about Christian life. As a family, we have always shared our love for him.”

“I have always taught my children how to respect everyone they meet.” Her two sons, Joey and Michael, love to go hunting and fishing. Her daughter, Liz, loves to travel and enjoy life to its fullest.

Olga became a widow a few years back and has had difficulty with her living situation since then. “My daughter and I moved to Florida, and we are now living in an older condo. It has a terrible AC system, and causes our asthma and allergies to constantly act up.”  When she was accepted into the Habitat program, Olga said, “I am so blessed with this opportunity! I questioned myself several times if I actually heard them correctly, but I was accepted.”

The family has learned so much through sweat equity and homeowner education classes. “They really are building my confidence in owning a home. It has really made me aware of every aspect of it.”

“Knowing that someone actually cared enough to help me start a new life as a homeowner is so special. I am looking forward to my future by having a better outlook on my stability in my community and in life.”

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