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“I am building because I have someone who is looking up to me and depending on me. I am building for my daughter’s future.”

Monica Cowan is a single mother to her 3-year-old daughter, Amaya. She is a hard-working parent who is in school full-time and working as a Mental Health Technician, all while completing the Habitat program so that she can provide stable housing for herself and her daughter. “Amaya and I have an amazing family and support system around us.,” Monica tells us. Amaya, as well as my family, encourage and inspire me to complete this program resulting in a forever home.” Amaya is a lively toddler that enjoys dancing, coloring, nail polish and makeup, Cocomelon, and Baby Shark.

The Cowan Family’s current living situation is one that Monica describes as ‘crowded and overwhelming’. “We are currently living with my mother and my younger siblings,” she explains. “While I am thankful for a supportive mother, this can cause challenges for me to create a peaceful environment for my daughter Amaya.” When Monica was accepted into the Habitat program, she says that she felt a wave of excitement knowing that she will get the opportunity to purchase an affordable home.

After purchasing her Habitat home, Monica tells us that she and her daughter would feel stability and peace. “I would feel a weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that I can provide my daughter with her own space,” she says. She is looking forward to coming home and having a space for her and her daughter to destress and be themselves. “My home is where me and my daughter will get to make amazing memories and create a successful future.”

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