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The Cottner family felt instant relief when they were accepted into the Habitat program. Kelly describes herself and her two children as kind, outgoing, and family-oriented. “It has just been the three of us, and we will always be a team. We have come so far.”

Kelly has worked with Instrument Transformers for five years as a material handler. Her daughter, Angelina, is passionate about gymnastics. Her son, Bradley, loves to play video games like Minecraft and Fortnite. Kelly says, “My kids have been through so much, but through everything, I’m trying my best to teach them to never give up.”

The family is currently sharing an apartment with Kelly’s close friend and her two children. They originally lived in a four-bedroom apartment, but discovered toxic mold growing, leaving the children sick; especially Bradley who developed severe pulmonology and allergy issues. They quickly had to move out and downsize to a three-bedroom space, leaving four children to share one bedroom. “Nine out of the ten times my daughter sleeps with me because she doesn’t want to share a room with the boys. Also, I recently found out that my children have extreme anxiety, and my roommate’s children have been diagnosed with Autism, so it’s been very crazy and hard on my kids.”

“Our house will be our safe place. Our lives will be much more relaxed with our Habitat home. When I heard I was accepted into the program, I felt relief because I will never again have to worry about where we will go next, if I will be able to afford it, or if it would be safe for my children.”

Kelly loves to tell others about the program and is looking forward to going through the process. “I believe I will learn patience, hard work, faith, and teamwork. I love to help others, and I want to see the joy in people’s faces.”

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For more information on how to get involved with specialty builds, please contact Pam Ora at pora@habitatpwp.org.

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