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“Home is where you make loving memories with your loved ones”

Babytee, a Nursing Assistant and mother of one, is working towards her dream of homeownership. She describes her family as loving, caring, and easygoing.

Babytee’s daughter, Valarie, loves decorating. “She is so excited to have her own bedroom to decorate with her favorite theme.” She says that Valerie is the outgoing, funny one of the family.

Babytee and Valerie currently live in a very tight space where the two of them currently share a bedroom. “There’s just not space. I was so happy to hear about my acceptance into the program. We will finally have our own house with a lot of space.”

Although the Habitat program is hard work, Babytee has always been excited to complete her 350 sweat equity hours. “If you want something, work hard for to achieve it. In the end, it’s worth it.” She says that Habitat is “the best helping hand for a single family that is trying to get back on their feet.”

“My life will completely change in a good way. My daughter will have stability, and a place to call home. We can have a new start in our home.”

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