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“Home is where my family and I are together, growing and creating memories.”

Uragan Caka and Xheneta Xhokli are a happily married couple who are raising their young daughter, Bora, together. Xheneta moved to the United States from Kosovo in 1999 has worked at Nielsen as a Panel Relation Specialist for over two years. Her husband, Uragan moved to the U.S. in 2017 and has worked for Disaster Recovery Pro as a Handyman for over two years as well. The couple welcomed their daughter to the world in May of 2021.

The couple’s living situation has been challenging living with Xheneta’s parents, two sisters, and one¬†brother. “We were overcrowded and we ended up having to move out and getting an apartment because there was no room for the baby. Now, I am living in a 2-bedroom, 1-bath paying high rent that is absorbing most of our income, unfortunately,” Xheneta says. After getting accepted into the Habitat program, Uragan and Xheneta felt very relieved. “We were extremely grateful for the Habitat program that is enabling my family and I to have a home and a place to raise our child.”

The family imagines their life to be very different in their Habitat home. “It will create stability and a safe environment for my family and I,” Xheneta tells us. “I am very much looking forward to having a place my family and I to call our own home, where we will have a necessary space to give my child an upbringing as well having a sense of safety.” They are also looking forward to becoming part of the neighborhood community where their daughter can grow up and play.

Our Habitat for Humanity affiliate is making a further commitment and investment advocating for the advancement of affordable homeownership. If you are interested in learning more about our advocacy efforts, including our new Advocacy Ambassador Program, you can visit our Advocacy Page on our website for more information.

“My house will be a¬†sanctuary for my husband and I to build a life together with our child.”

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The Caka-Xhokli Family home was dedicated on November 9th, 2022.

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