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“I am looking forward to spending time with my family in my new home.”

Katasha Bryant is a single mother of five adult children and grandmother of eight who works as a Customer Service Representative at Consolidated Credit Solutions. She was born and raised in St. Petersburg and will continue to call the city her home once she moves into her brand new forever home with Habitat.

Katasha is currently renting an apartment on the second floor in her complex. “To be frank, I am not getting any younger therefore the stairs are nightmare to climb day in and day out,” she tells us.

Renting has caused a lot of stress in Katasha’s life. “I feel as though the stresses that come along with me as a renter would dissipate immensely as opposed to being a homeowner. I would be able to enjoy life more with what I would consider to be a more reasonable mortgage and not having to worry about inflation.” Many families in our community, just like Katasha’s, have been struggling with the continuous increase in rent. If you or a friend are tired of renting and are interested in learning more about how you can achieve the dream of homeownership with Habitat, please visit our Apply Page on our website.

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