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“I am building because we need stability.”

Shanieh Brown has worked as a Bakery Team Associate for Walmart for the past 6 years. She is a mother of 2 children: Andre, 12, and Ry’leigh, 9. Andre is into gaming, science, and art. He loves playing basketball and doing crossword puzzles! Ry’leigh loves makeup and skincare. Like her brother, she enjoys playing basketball. Ry’leigh dreams of being the first black astronaut with a hair salon! This active family is full of adventures. They are goal oriented and always follow through.

Shanieh and her family, like many others, are living in a home the is not in suitable living conditions. With mold growing and unstable ceilings, Shanieh is scared for her family’s safety, however, she is unable to afford a house in better condition, despite working a full- time job. As her kids grow, Shanieh is also looking for more space to accommodate the family.

With a new home through the Habitat program, Shanieh imagines a life of stability. “I won’t worry as much as I do now” she tells us. Her family is excited about having their own safe spaces, one in which they can all decorate how they feel. “That’s what I am looking forward to. To see them express themselves through creativity.” Shanieh hopes for this home to be a place of solace for her family, where they can find comfort and safety whenever needed. “My house will be a beacon for generations to come. A source of peace for my kids to know they will always have a place to come to in their times of need.”

If you are interested in volunteering on a build site, in our ReStore, or at one of our events, please check out our Volunteer Page for more information.

“This program has the opportunity to provide us with the tools that we are going to need to be successful.”

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