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“Home is where I can spend time with my loved ones in a safe and affordable house.”

Pierre, a Medical Technician and Uber Driver, and Wadlyne are on the journey towards homeownership for their three children, Melissa, Maela, and Kervens. “We are a Christian family who is very passionate about hard work and family time.” The family loves to spend time together reading, listening to music, and swimming. “My family is going to be so happy,” said Pierre.

The family currently lives in an unsafe apartment complex, where they experience an abundance of issues. They constantly have leaks in the ceiling, neighbors smoking near their windows and doors, and crime happening around the neighborhood. With young children only two to six years old, the family constantly worries about the safety of their living situation.

When accepted into the Habitat program, Pierre said, “God is so great to us. My family is going to be so happy, and our dream is about to come true.” He imagines his future Habitat home to be more peaceful, happy, comfortable, and private for his family to enjoy.

“I am most looking forward to living in the comfort of a home that I know was build in good standards and is safe. I also cannot wait to have a quick way to do laundry for the family. I am so excited to be a homeowner.”

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