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“This is a great opportunity to have our own home and we will always be united and together as a happy family.”

Victor Becerra, Maria Martinez, and their six children are excited and eager to begin their homeownership journey with Habitat for Humanity. Victor is the head of the household and describes himself as “hardworking, centered, dependable, and responsible”. His wife, Maria, is a stay-at-home mother and a great cook. Victor says “She takes care of our children’s needs as well, never failing to express her love for them”. The oldest child is their daughter, Julia, who is 17-years-old and has a strong interest for visual arts. The oldest son of the family is their son, Manuel, who is 14-years-old and loves robotics. Eleven-year-old Gabriel is the middle son and enjoys game programming and computation. Aaron, the youngest son, is 7-years-old and loves construction toys. The youngest of the family are the two-year-old twin sisters, Victoria and Camila. Victor and Maria tell us that “Our children are always keeping their best foot forward and excel in their studies at school. They are always receiving Honor Rolls and their teachers always express our children’s academic success.”

The Becerra-Martinez Family is a family of eight and the space provided by their current living situation results in a feeling of being overcrowded. “The space is not enough for the children to grow and develop and we have to restrict them from running due to causing noise for neighbors. They are not free to play like a normal child. The high prices in rent and market prevent us from finding a better situation with our current income as well. We just want to grow a happy family in a better environment. That is why we are in need of a house.”

Habitat for Humanity was a blessing to the family after many difficult years of struggling to find a safe and comfortable space to live. “Blessed by God, grateful to Him, and that it was a great chance after the fight and separation we have been through to bring our family together once again. This is a great opportunity to have our own home and always be united and together as a happy family.” Moving into their new forever home will be a major relief and will give the family the freedom they need to grow and make memories in together. Victor says “We can do daily house chores and not worry about making noise. We can have a garden to grow vegetables for our family.”

Applying for the Habitat for Humanity program is the first step towards homeownership and a new way of life. Victor and Maria offer this advice to anyone contemplating applying for the program: “It’s worth your time and effort that you put into the program, and something that will stay with you for the rest of your life”. For more information on how to apply or refer someone to the Habitat program, please visit our Apply Page on our website.

“Habitat for Humanity is a great organization for families in need of a house to achieve their dreams of becoming homeowners.”

The Becerra-Martinez Family was dedicated on March 28th, 2023.

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