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“This will be the most amazing gift I could ever receive, which is a forever home for my kids.”

Michelle, a mother to three, has worked at Racetrac for 6 years while working her way up to shift manager. “I’m a very hard working reliable woman, I’ve been on my own since I was 16, and strive to give my children a better and more stable life than I had as a kid.”

She describes her three daughters as “very loving and characteristic..” Her oldest, Maleah, loves to sing, dance and draw. “She’s very artistic, and has an amazing sense of humor.” Ma’Lani, her middle child, loves to play dress up, and sing, dance, and draw like her older sister. ”She is the mischievous one!” Her youngest, Myana, is very laid back, and loves to eat, watch movies, and play with toys. “I cant wait for them to have their own space.”

The family of four currently shares a two-bedroom home where they experience constant infestations and plumbing issues. “We have a really bad cockroach problem. I will have to throw all my furniture away so they don’t follow us into the new house. Just last night, our upstairs bathtub leaked, and there was water and ceiling pieces all over my dining room table. It’s frustrating paying an obscene amount of money for rent on time every month for the last 7 years and they don’t fix things properly, or in a timely manner.”

When approved for the Habitat Homeowner program, “I was elated! I could not wait to tell my family and the girls I was so excited to tell them! This will be the most amazing gift I could ever receive, which is a forever home for my kids.”

“I will never have to worry about not having a parking spot. We will have a bug-free home with more space. I’m so excited for the kids to have more freedom and privacy in their own rooms, and an area to play outside.”

“I want to say just how incredibly grateful I am for this opportunity. Life hasn’t always been easy for me, so aside from having my children, this is the very best thing that had ever happened for me!”

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