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“I am a person of strong determination, and one of my goals has always been to lay a good foundation for my family. Now I can.”

Lawanda, a 15-year employee for Conmed Linvatec Corporation as a Material Handler II, is working towards her forever home to have a safe place for her grandchildren.

Her son, Trey, works as a car detailer. He is very interested in football, basketball, and traveling. Her granddaughter, Dionna, is currently an honor roll student. She loves computers, works part-time jobs while attending high school, and loves working with children. She plans to attend Gaylan College of Nursing to eventually become a Pediatrician. Her grandson, Dion, is also an honor roll student who works part-time through high school. He loves to play football, attend sporting events, play video games, and watch movies. He plans to be a Pharmacist and wants to play football at Ohio State University. His dream would be to play in the NFL. “We are a fun-loving family. I focus on spending quality time with everyone, and communicating as often as we can.”

For the last 12 years, Lawanda was a Kidney Dialysis patient and was constantly hooked up to medical machines. Still, she worked overtime to support her family and pay rent. “After 13 years in this apartment we need better living conditions. After an ownership change, the rent significantly increased, but there were fewer maintenance and apartment upgrades each year. In 2019 I was blessed with a kidney transplant, and feel like I can finally focus on the next chapter of life.”

When accepted into the Habitat program, Lawanda said, “I was ecstatic and full of joy. I was determined to always keep the Faith, no matter what life offered me. Habitat has prepared me with skills that will stay with me for a lifetime. It’s not easy balancing a full time job, home life, and Habitat assignments but with some extra effort, it can be done. I am humbled and grateful.”

“My life will now have stability. I can make a better plan for all aspects of my future, from budgeting to retirement. I have dreamed of being a homeowner, and I am looking forward to designing the inside of my home and gardening. My house will be a piece of heaven on Earth.”

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The Baker Family home was dedicated on May 12th, 2021.


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