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“Habitat for Humanity is a kind hand leading future homeowners to the end of their rainbow!”

Meet Denise Baker, a resilient single mother and a dedicated teacher for the past two years who is in the Habitat for Humanity program, eagerly working towards a brighter future for herself and her ten-year-old son, Sawyer. Sawyer loves reading about historic events, playing chess, playing guitar, riding his bike, and creating art.

Life took a turn for Denise in 2019 when she had to quickly find a safe home for herself and Sawyer. Despite finding a temporary place, it was far from ideal. “The place was not in the best shape,” Denise recounts, “but it had the potential to be somewhere I could temporarily call home.” With rent prices soaring and her teaching salary not quite meeting all her expenses, Denise found herself dipping into her savings just to make ends meet. “I am a single mom responsible for everything, and that is sometimes overwhelming,” she admits. But her determination to provide a stable life for her son kept her moving forward.

When Denise found out she was accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program, she was filled with a mix of disbelief and determination. “Honestly, I did not feel worthy,” she confesses. However, thinking about her son Sawyer, Denise felt a renewed sense of purpose. “He is seeing how strong and capable his mom can be!” she exclaims. Denise looks forward to learning more about the home-building process, making connections with like-minded individuals, and turning her new house into a sanctuary for her and Sawyer. “I am building because I want to know that the home I live in has been made by people who wanted to make a difference for me and my son.”

Denise’s vision for her new home is filled with joy and optimism. She imagines a backyard where her dogs can play and a home that she maintains to a higher standard than her current rental. “I see myself appreciating having my own space to enjoy and create,” she says. Her new home will not just be a shelter but a place where love, comfort, and peace reside. “My house will be my sanctuary and an inviting space for all,” Denise declares proudly.

Denise’s journey shows the importance of programs like Habitat for Humanity, which offer hope and tangible support to those in need. Her story is a powerful reminder that with determination and the right support, it’s possible to overcome life’s obstacles and build a brighter future. Denise urges others to take action: “Volunteer! Do something that will have a positive impact on a family and community.” To learn more about volunteering with Habitat, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

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