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“My house will be my biggest blessing.”

Lorena Avila Campuzano is a Medical Assistant at Evara Health and has worked there for over two years. She is an immigrant from Mexico and describes herself as someone who “likes to keep things simple” and enjoys going on walks, going to the beach, and watching the sunset. She is very family-oriented and loves her parents, siblings, cousins, and grandparents. “I love having days with them and eating something with the family. They are the best gifts,” she tells us.

For more than ten years, Lorena has dreamed of owning a home. Now, because of Habitat for Humanity, her greatest wish will soon become a reality. “I arrived in this country full of dreams and illusions and the fact of carrying out this dream of having a house for myself has been the greatest gift of my entire life.” She, along with many others in our community, has struggled financially due to the high cost of living. After moving into her new forever home, Lorena will be able to have a safe and stable home with a 0% interest mortgage that will help keep the home affordable. In her new home, Lorena is most excited for the feeling of ownership. “I feel that I will be really happy when I see that my dream has been achieved.”

Habitat’s mission could not be possible without the support of our volunteers. There are many opportunities to get involved with Habitat, including volunteering in the ReStore, at events, in our administrative offices, or on our build sites. For more information about becoming a volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“Home is the place where we live, towards which we feel an emotional bond, as well as a feeling of security and comfort.”

This home is sponsored by

Pinellas Community Partnerships

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The Avila Campuzano home was dedicated on April 25th, 2023.

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