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“Sometimes in life people get stuck and need a little help, Habitat is there to provide that!”

Justin and Anjie Armstrong are parents to two boys: Jake (age 9) and Aiden (age 4). The family of four is on their journey towards homeownership with the Habitat for Humanity program. Justin is a Part Manager and service Technician at Service King/Crash Champions and has been working there since 2019. Anjie is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools her two boys and also volunteers with a local non-profit for adolescent suicide awareness. Jake is a very intellectual child and enjoys all thing STEM related, reading, and building Legos, among many other adventurous activities. Aiden is obsessed with anything that lives in the ocean. “Ask him and he will be more than happy to tell you about his favorite creature: the Goblin Shark,” his father tells us. The 4-year-old also enjoys playing with toy vehicles, especially trains, and making creations out of Play-Doh. “Our boys are our life,” their parents explain. “We are dedicated to raising them in a mentally healthy environment that allows them to flourish as they develop and become young adults.”

For many years, the Armstrong family has lived in an apartment that is a part of a triplex. “Throughout our residency we have dealt with all sorts of issues due to the deteriorating conditions of the building, including a continual pest problem,” Justin says. On top of this, as the walls began to fall and rot away, the inside of the wall is exposed and revealed a mold infestation. “As a young couple with no kids, we tolerated the unhealthy living conditions, especially since the rent was decent. As time went on, our family began and then grew. Then came the pandemic, and with that the increases in everything, including our rent!” For the past two years the family’s rent increased four times the amount of the years past increases. “Being a low-income family of four, with no significant savings, combined with the increasing costs, has prevented us from being able to move and has unfortunately caused us to be stuck in this physically, and mentally, unhealthy living situation.”

When the family learned of the news of their acceptance into the Habitat program, their first thought was ‘Thank you, God!” followed by a huge sigh of relief and the feeling of the weight being lifted off their shoulders. “Feeling like you are stuck in an unhealthy living situation with no way out is depressing and hopeless,” Justin describes to us. “Once we were accepted into the program, we felt hope again! We were able to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel we have been trapped in. We are so incredibly grateful for all the people who are willing to come together and help set us up for a lifetime of success.”

The Armstrong Family is most looking forward to a new, clean, and affordable home that is free of pests and mold. “We know that with moving into this new house, it will be a new start for our family. We are excited to own our home and it feels great to know that we are being a great example to our boys.” The family is also eager to begin a garden in their backyard to fill with fruits and vegetables. “We would love a large garden in order to be self-sustaining as well as provide educational opportunities for our children.”

“If you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity!” the Armstrong family says. “Some tend to think that just one person can’t make that much of a difference, but that is not true at all. As a volunteer, you become one of many that are creating a home for a family. You are part of the reason a family has a house to live in! Your time, energy, and talents are greatly appreciated and will always be a valuable part of someone’s journey.” For more information on how to volunteer with Habitat, visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“Our lives will be different because we will no longer be plagued by the unhealthy conditions we are currently trapped in.”

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