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“My house will be everything I ever dreamed of and more.”

Patricia Arias is a 26-year-old Certified Nursing Assistant who is on her journey towards homeownership with Habitat. Patricia works as a CNA in her client’s home setting with a company called Right at Home. She has worked there for five years! In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, exploring new places, trying new experiences, and going on walks and bike rides at the park. “I recently graduated in December 2021 with my BA in Health Science from USF,” Patricia tells us. “I will continue to further my education hopefully by Fall of 2023 in either Occupational Therapy for Pediatrics or Computer Coding.”

When Patricia was getting her Bachelors from USF, she found it difficult to find a space in her one-bed, one bath apartment to study. She would have to study at a cafe, in her car, or in her mother’s backyard because of the lack of comfortable space. Currently, Patricia is living with her mother, father, grandmother, and her mom’s dog and cat, making it a packed house! “I can’t wait to have my own bathroom and my own room,” Patricia explains. “But the part I am most excited for is my own space to hook up my washer and dryer!”

“My first thought when I got accepted into the program was is this real or is this a joke. How surreal this opportunity was – the news that I was getting about potentially being able to become a first time homeowner. It is still unbelievable. But everyday I am so grateful to still be apart of the wonderful program.”

“I know my life and my future will be different with a Habitat home because while I am in the program, I am learning how to create a budget, stick to it, and save money as well,” Patricia says. “I know I will continue to practice what I have learned along my journey to ensure that I will have a financially stable life for myself and my future family in my fantastic 0% interest home, that was all made possible thanks to Habitat!” Patricia’s favorite part about the Habitat program is earning sweat equity out on the build sites. “I am able to meet new people every single time I go out. My favorite part about the sites is that every homeowner candidate pays it forward for each other, and without that none of these houses would be accomplished.”

Patricia offers this advice to anyone who is considering applying for the program: “I encourage everyone, single, divorced, married etc., to apply! You never know what could happen unless you try! And never give up.” If you or someone you know is interested in applying for the Habitat homeownership program so that you can also have a safe and stable home, please check out our Apply Page for more information on how to get started.

“I am building my home and helping to build other HOC’s homes to help many families, including myself reach our dreams of being able to own a home!”

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The Arias Family Home was dedicated on April 13th, 2023.

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