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“I imagine that our kids will grow up happier with space to run around, a yard to play in, and rooms of their own.”

Alyssa Pici and Jayqwan Anderson are on their journey towards achieving the American dream of homeownership with Habitat for Humanity. The couple has three children, Jayqwan Jr. aka J.J. (age 6), Naomi (age 4), and Ellianna (age 2). J.J. loves robots and video games. He wants to be a scientist one day and build robots. Naomi loves princesses and enjoys playing with makeup and dressing up. Ellianna loves music and singing.

“My family is very close and loving with one another,” Alyssa tells us. “We really emphasize being kind to one another and being there for each other.” She and Jayqwan Sr. never had a stable living situation growing up. Their current living situation is too small for the family of five and is in an unsafe neighborhood for their children to play. “We really want to provide our children with a stable place to grow up and break that generational curse.” These loving parents work opposite shifts of each other to help make ends meet, all while Alyssa is attending college at SPC for Cybersecurity. “With us being so busy, we make sure that in our spare time we do things with the kids so we can bond as a family.”

When the Anderson-Pici family learned that they were accepted into the Habitat program, Alyssa says that all she could do is cry. “I felt like all of my hopes and aspirations for our family were coming true. It truly felt like a weight off of my shoulders.” The family imagines their life to be more peaceful in their new forever home. Alyssa is most looking forward to her new kitchen so she can continue her love for cooking. “To be able to cook for my family to my hearts content is something I’m excited for.”

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Habitat for Humanity. For families like the Anderson-Pici’s, they are an essential part of their Habitat journey. “I would tell anybody who is thinking about becoming a Habitat volunteer to do think about the positivity they are putting out into the world by doing so. Good deeds do not go unnoticed and the family of the home will be eternally grateful for you and your time.” For more information on how to become a volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“If you are thinking about doing the program just take the first step. You never know how far that one step will take you.”


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