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“Getting accepted was SUPER exciting and it made me realize that I am capable of achieving whatever it is that I put my mind to.”

Ailed Alvarez is a super mom to three young boys and is working towards her dream of homeownership for her family through the Habitat program. She is a School Office Clerk for Pinellas County Schools and has worked there since 2018. Her three sons are Jonathan (age 11) who loves sports and food, Januel (age 5) who like math and books, and Julian (age 4) who likes dinosaurs and animals. As a family, they love to be outdoors and going to the beach and the park. Ailed says “We love to watch movies and cuddle and eat popcorn.”

For the last four years, Ailed has lived in a rental home. “In the beginning it was great,” Ailed says. “But over the past few years, my landlord has become very negligent in regards to home maintenance.” With her busy life, she is not always able to stop and fix the things on her own. “My landlord is more interested in selling the house than keeping a happy tenant.”

Getting accepted into the Habitat program was life changing for the Alvarez family. “Habitat for Humanity is making my dream become a reality.” So far, Ailed’s sweat equity has been going smooth. “I have been able to manage the classes, although you can always find me cooking in the zoom, but us moms can multitask amazingly.” She is most looking forward to decorating her home, letting her boys paint and customize their rooms, and having a safe area for her dogs to run around.
Volunteering is one of the most important aspects of the Habitat program, and Ailed agrees. “You get the feeling of helping someone accomplish their dream of homeownership. That many people have never had a stable home. So this is literally making a dream come true for some folks.” For more information on how to volunteer on our build sites, at our events, or in our ReStores, please visit our Volunteer Page on our website.
“If I had go-go gadget arms, I would probably just hug and squeeze my home. Because the feeling of saying this is MINE is such a relief with the rising rental rates. My kids will have a home that they can customize and paint there rooms anyway they like.”
The Alvarez Family home was dedicated on November 28th, 2022.

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