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“I look forward to starting new traditions and making memories with my loved ones in my new home.”

Erica Allen is a Front Office Coordinator for the Pasadena Surgery Center who is furthering her education to get certified to operate her own preschool. She is a single mother to her 7-year-old daughter, Royal. Erica is currently working extremely hard towards her homeownership journey through the Habitat program, all while working, going to school, and raising her daughter. “I enjoy reading and expanding my knowledge on enrichment to help children become successful individuals,” she tells us. “I’m dedicated to making life changes that will better my future.” Erica explains that she is the mother to a bright little girl who continuously motivates her to become better. Little Royal enjoys crafts, acting, and fashion. She enjoys playing dress up and walking around the house like the princess she is. “Each holiday we create something special that we make together and hang in our living room,” Erica says. “Royal enjoys getting messy with all the materials we use like paint, stickers and glue is her ultimate favorite of them all.”

“My living situation has been challenging as the housing market is becoming extremely expensive.” The Allen Family’s housing situation is no stranger to many families living in our community. The affordable housing crisis has continued to increase in the Pinellas and West Pasco area, making it hard for mother’s like Erica to find a safe space to live that provides enough space for her daughter to grow. “Currently we live in a HOA complex and the gates rarely work which concerns me for the safety of my daughter and I. I dislike the rule of no playing on the grass, leaving no place for my daughter to play outdoors freely.” Erica is looking forward to having her own place of freedom and a yard big enough for her daughter to play in without any restrictions.

Getting into the Habitat program was a life changing moment for Erica. “I cried tears of joy, I couldn’t hold my composer I was so happy. I knew from that moment forward, all things are possible if you work for it.”

Earning sweat equity has been a fun experience for Erica during her time in the program so far. “I learn something new at each build site. I like meeting other HOCs and bonding over the time spent working together. I enjoy learning about the proper use of tools and getting the job done. Painting is my favorite!” For anyone who is interested in volunteering on our build sites, in our ReStores, or at our events, please visit our Volunteer Page for more information.

“Home is where the love never ends.”

The Allen Family home was dedicated on April 25th, 2023.

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