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“My house will be a home full of happiness and harmony where the first goal will be to live as a family and help others to fight for their dreams.”

Elena Aladro is a hard-working single woman who is participating in the Habitat Homeownership program so that she can provide a better life and a safer home for herself and her mother, Maria. Elena is a breast cancer survivor who has been struggling with her health and finances for awhile now. “I live alone and have had to bear all my personal expenses, plus some help that I have had to give my mother. My place of residence is not adequate because I only have one room for all my needs. As for my mother, she lives alone and she has critical health situations that require care,” Elena tells us. Maria is 80-years-old and suffers from diabetes and prosthetics in both knees. Elena says “I want to live with her and be able to enjoy it as long as God allows me.”

The first thought that came to Elena’s mind when she learned she was accepted into the Habitat program was that she will be able to provide a home for herself and her mother. “We are super happy for having been chosen for the habitat program. It is a blessing.”

During her time in the Habitat program, Elena hopes to learn a little bit of everything. “I really want to start contributing to the Habitat program and at the same time develop my personal skills.” Our mission would not be possible without members of our community who advocate for affordable housing efforts for families such as the Aladro’s. For more information on Habitat’s advocacy efforts and how you can be an advocate in our community, please visit our Advocate Page on our website.

“There is nothing as special as a home where you can have the necessary conditions for your health and that of your family. It would be a wonderful future to be able to enjoy a beautiful house that I partly built with my own hands.”

The Suarez-Aladro Family home was dedicated on December 9th, 2022.

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