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“We’ll finally be able to accomplish our family dream of owning a home and make our parents proud.”

Meet Angelica, her boyfriend Ruben, and their two wonderful children, 9-year-old Alejandro and 2-year-old Rosalia. Their story is one of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of a better life for their growing family. As part of the Habitat for Humanity program, they are on a transformative journey towards stable homeownership.

Angelica and Ruben’s family is a blend of Mexican-American traditions, reflecting a rich heritage while embracing American values. Their journey as a young family has strengthened their bond, making them an outgoing and optimistic unit. They are committed to raising their children with kindness, instilling values that encourage them to see the goodness in others. Angelica and Ruben’s individual personalities complement their roles within the family. While Ruben, a sports enthusiast, ensures the kids stay active and engaged outdoors, Angelica, a homebody, enjoys nurturing her family at home through bonding activities like baking cupcakes and watching movies together.

Their path to homeownership hasn’t been smooth. Angelica gave birth to Alejandro at 17 and the couple swiftly transitioned from teenagers to parents. Their dream was to provide their children with a stable home, a stark contrast to their own upbringing, where they moved frequently. Their determination to create a legacy of stability and security fueled their desire to join the Habitat for Humanity program.

After navigating complex immigration processes and challenges, Ruben achieved legal status through DACA, enabling him to work legally and contribute to their family’s dreams. Angelica balanced her nursing career with the responsibilities of motherhood, working hard to secure a brighter future for her family.

Their acceptance into the Habitat for Humanity program brought a surge of relief and hope. “We truly wanted to dedicate it to our parents for all their hard work,” Angelica shares. With a legacy of sacrifice from their parents in mind, the couple embraced the opportunity to provide their children with generational wealth and stability.

Their new home symbolizes more than just shelter. It’s a space where they can nurture their children’s growth, create cherished memories, and strengthen family bonds. The prospect of having privacy, hosting events, and decorating their own space ignites excitement.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of families like Angelica and Ruben’s. Your contribution can help build stable homes, stronger communities, and brighter futures. Donate to Habitat for Humanity today and be a part of creating lasting change. Learn more on our Donate Page on our website.

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