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The future is bright for 18-year old Terrell who recently graduated from Lakewood Highschool. He is today’s Graduate Spotlight!

“My son Terrell is looking forward to becoming a very successful young man and he is also looking to achieve all the goals he wants to reach,” says Terrell’s mother, future Habitat Homeowner Lecia Simmons. After graduating, Terrell hopes to become a business owner and a professional NFL player. His plans are to go to college and major in business while also working to become a professional football athlete at the same time.

In high school, Terrell’s favorite subject was History. He enjoyed learning about the “old days”. School is very important for Terrell and his mother. “I teach my children to take school very seriously because not every parent can say that their children is awesome in school,” Lecia says. “That’s why I teach my children to take school serious and stay on track at all times.”

“Home is where the heart is. Its a place where you can feel very safe and be yourself. It’s a place where you will always have memories that you will always be able to count on.”

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