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On April 20th, Habitat CEO Mike Sutton sent a letter to the City of Largo detailing recent changes to both State and Federal funding guidelines in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The letter urged the City to review the guidelines and encouraged the creation of a mortgage assistance program to assist Largo homeowners avoid delinquency. In response, City Manager Henry Schurbert reported “the City is working hard to align all of our federal and state guidelines to make these programs available as soon as possible” and further thanked Habitat for giving a voice to homeowners in the community.

Habitat is happy to report that the City of Largo has established an assistance fund for residents of the City. Largo’s Resident Assistance Program is available to residents as a second line of assistance behind Countywide programs. Its intent is to help Largo families who suffered a financial loss in income from COVID-19 furloughs, lay-offs, reduced hours, or company closings with mortgage or rent payments and utility costs. For more information please contact Largo Housing Services at 727-586-7435 or visit  https://www.largo.com/services/residents/housing_assistance/index.php

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