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“Because of Habitat, I can provide my children with the stability I had as a child.”

Tamara Harrell became Habitat of Pinellas and West Pasco’s 200th Milestone Homeowner back in 2014.  The single mother was able to work full time, raise her children, and complete her sweat equity hours for her home, all while studying to become a registered nurse. Tamara knew her hard work and dedication had paid off as she was able to use her new keys to open the door to her new orange house in St.Pete. The location of her home was particularly special for the family, as it was in the hometown that Tamara grew up and that her sister moved into the Habitat home next door.

The family had struggled before moving into their forever home. Tamara and her who children, Jakobey and Jalicia, had moved five times to various apartments and rental properties due to rent increases and unsafe living conditions. This put a lot of extra stress on her children, as they were forced

to switch schools and make new friends after each move. Thankfully, for the past seven years, the Harrell Family has been able to live in an affordable and safe home where her children were able to grow and flourish without having to constantly move locations. “Just to show my kids that you have something, you don’t have to rent all your life,” said Harrell. “Just to provide that stability for them.”

“A better job helped me find better housing, but owning a home is the ultimate achievement.”

Join us for our 700th home dedication for the Sakers Family on August 30th, 2021. View more about the event here.

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