Post-Closing Homeowner Education

Educational classes are a core piece of our Homeowner Program. Our Post-Closing classes will give current Habitat Homeowners new knowledge and refreshers through financial literacy, home maintenance, and much more.

post-closing curriculum

How to be a Homeowner

Just as in How to be an HOC, in this class you will learn the basics of what to expect as a Habitat homeowner.


The topic you probably know the most about; however, the one that will keep you in your home and on track.

Escrow Analysis

Escrow doesn’t have to be complicated. Join us for this interactive class on how to read and understand your yearly escrow analysis!


Taking care of your home now that it is tangible can look totally different than what you heard in class as an HOC. Get a refresher for relevant questions at this class!

Estate Planning

You bought a home, now what? It is important to have a plan for your future. In this class, you will learn different methods of planning for your future should you not be here.


Life, it happens to all of us. Join us for easy tips on how to make it easy.



Being in your home looks completely different than you thought in terms of insurance? Learn why insurance is important and how it affects your asset.

Disaster Preparedness

We live in Florida, hurricanes happen. Learn how to be prepared and ready should an emergency arise.

Insurance Claims

Your roof is in disrepair and you need to file an insurance claim, now what? Here you will learn the process for insurance claims since your policy is escrowed.


You received your tax bill. Before you go into shock, attend this class to see how your millage and taxes are calculated and what exemptions you may be eligible for!


Because you have a budget, you have set some money aside and want to put it to work. Come to this class to learn a little bit more about investing and how to make your money work for you.