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Welcome to The Habicast, Habitat Pinellas and West Pasco’s show highlighting our mission, community impact and the partners that help make it happen. Follow along as we highlight our partners, homeowners, and staff members who provide important support of the Habitat mission.


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The Habicast premieres on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. You can view these episodes on our YouTube Channel and on our Facebook page using the buttons below.

season two

Episode 1 – Season 2 Premiere with Jack Shanks

Mike, Morgan, and Jack talk about the opening of the education center, and the growth/rollout of the newly revamped education program.

Episode 2 – Bill Goede

Mike and Morgan kick off the second episode of the year with some exciting news in Pasco county. Mike then speaks with Tampa Bay President of Bank of America, Bill Goede, in his career growth and involvement with Habitat throughout the years.

Episode 3 – Get to Know Your Elected Officials

Habitat Director of Government Relations and Advocacy, Sean King, asks fun questions to our local and state elected officials. Get to know the leaders in office with this episode of the Habicast!

season one

Episode 1 – Martin Gramatica

The first Habicast episode features former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star, Martin Gramatica, on his life post-pro football career, the mission of Gramatica Sips International and the community impact of the Gramatica Family Foundation.

Episode 2 – Tracy West

Mike & Morgan chat with Tracy West, Valspar Championship Tournament Director and Habitat board member. Tracy is an essential member of the Habitat team as a board member and long time supporter, and we are excited to highlight our relationship between both organizations.

Episode 3 – Ed & Marsha Droste

The Habicast goes on the road for Episode 3 to chat with Ed & Marsha Droste at Pete & Shorty’s Iowa Bistro in Clearwater. Learn more about their partnership with Habitat through the Original Hooters and Pete & Shorty’s brands and how they continue to support the community as a couple.

Episode 4 – Thomas Mantz

We’re joined by Thomas Mantz, President and CEO of Feeding Tampa Bay for Episode 4. We cover our partnered Give Back Day, Feeding Tampa Bay’s mission and how it relates to Habitat, and a new partnership between the two organization: full pantries for new Habitat homeowners!

Episode 5 – Joe Bourdow

Special guest Joe Bourdow, former president of Valpak, joins Mike and Morgan to make a special announcement: a broadcast partnership with! Viewers also get a special tour of a Habitat home.

Episode 6 – Denard Span

This week we spoke with Denard Span, former MLB player and founder of Denard Span Foundation on his career, foundation, and involvement with Habitat. You can learn more about his nonprofit work at

Episode 7 – Bill Brand

Bill is currently CEO of rue21 and serves on the Habitat for Humanity International Board of Directors. Join us as we talk about his exciting career, path with Habitat, and volunteer days with former President Jimmy Carter.

Episode 8 – Habitat Homeowners Turned Staff 

We speak with Danielle Hodges, ReStore Associate, Brittney Keene, Program Recruitment Manager, and Lupe Jimenez, Construction Project Manager, on their journey through Habitat.

Episode 9 – Jonathan Reckford

We are joined by President & CEO of Habitat for Humanity International, Jonathan Reckford. In this episode we hear about his career path and what led him to Habitat, his international impact and exciting stories abroad, and much more.

Episode 10 – Anthony Alfredo

Alfredo Anthony currently serves as the Board Chair of Habitat Pinellas and West Pasco and is the founder of NuMillennium Strategies, LLC. He retired from the United States Army as a Lieutenant Colonel after successfully serving his country for 21 years. He has over 27 years of proven leadership gained as a Deputy Program Manager in private industry and serving as a military intelligence officer.

Episode 11 – Tamara DeBose and Davisha Earley

This week on The Habicast, Mike and Morgan are joined by Habitat board members, Tamara DeBose and Davisha Earley. Both completed the Habitat program themselves, before looking for ways to give back to Habitat. Tune in to hear their stories!

Episode 12 – Joe Hamilton

Tune into Episode 12 of The Habicast featuring founder of the St. Pete Catalyst and St. Petersburg Group, Joe Hamilton on May 7th!
Mike & Morgan are joined by Joe Hamilton on episode 12 of The Habicast. Joe is the publisher of the St. Pete Catalyst, a great media partner of Habitat. He also is founder of The St. Petersburg Group, an organization aimed to elevate the city, its businesses and its citizens.
Episode 13 – Frank Starkey

Tune into The Habicast featuring Habitat Board Member & President of People Places, LLC, Frank Starkey!
Mike and Morgan speak with Frank about his career development, his family history and the impact he is making on Pasco County’s real estate development and design. As a Habitat Board Member, Frank has a special connection to the mission.
Episode 14 – Todd St.John-Fulton

Mike and Morgan will be speaking with Habitat’s very own VP of Human Resources, Todd St. John-Fulton. Hear about Habitat’s DEI initiatives, Pride Build, and upcoming Pride events by tuning in.
Episode 15 – Kevin Dorsey

Tune in for episode 15 of the Habicast! This week we have special guest, Kevin Dorsey, Habitat Homeowner and staff member, who joins Mike and Morgan to talk about his journey to homeownership and the impact it has had on his family.
Episode 16 – Jason Clement

Tune into Episode 16 of The Habicast! Mike and Morgan catch up with Friend of Habitat, Jason Clement. Jason is the Founding Partner and CEO of The Sports Facilities Advisory, which manages and develops high performing sports, recreation, events, and entertainment facilities across the country. He previously served as Habitat Board Chairman and currently serves on our Advisory Board. Jason tells his Habitat story, shares his favorite mission moment and what home means to him.
Episode 17 – Brandon Brayboy

Mike and Morgan are joined by our new Board Chairman and Friend of Habitat, Brandon Brayboy on Episode 17. Brandon is the Owner of Lakeland Liquidation, a flooring and cabinet company based out of Lakeland and has been a longtime Friend of Habitat. He’ll give insight into his journey to Habitat and what his vision as the Board Chairman has in store.
Episode 18 – Norm Bungard

Tune into episode 18 of the Habicast as Mike and Morgan speak with long time Habitat advocate, Norm Bungard! Since our Habitat affiliate’s inception, Norm has been moving the mission forward through board involvement, fundraising, and more. Hear his many years of memories with the affiliate, and what makes his support so important.
Episode 19 – Steve & Nancy Westphal

Owners of Parkshore Grill, The Hangar Restaurant & Flight Lounge, and multiple other local restaurants have sponsored 5 homes for Habitat, including the Crawford home dedicated this past week. Through event sponsorships and advocacy for our mission, they have been huge supporters since 2017. Steve kicked off the fundraising at Havana Nights which raised around $500,000! Hear about how they became involved, their favorite mission moments, and more.
Episode 20 – Recap: What Does Home Mean To You?

In honor of the 700th home being completed, we want to thank all of the partners, sponsors, homeowners, volunteers, and supporters who helped make such an impact in our community! Tune in to a special “Recap” episode of some of our past Habicast guests, explaining what the meaning of home is to them. You can catchup on previous episodes on Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify.
Episode 21 – Doug Bevis

Mike and Morgan speak with Doug Bevis, former Mayor of Oldsmar, radio personality and current Upper Tampa Bay Chamber Director of Business and Government Affairs. You may recognize Doug and his team from many of the dedications this past year, as him and his team provide bikes for all of our homeowner’s children. Tune in to hear about Doug’s experience with this partnership, and why it is so important in our community.
Episode 22 – USF Athletics

Tune in for the next episode of the Habicast, featuring USF Athletics. The past two weeks, players, coaches, and department members of the USF Football and USF Men’s Basketball teams volunteered on ten different homes in our Tellor Estates neighborhood.
We hear from Jeff Fishman, CEO of Investors Title and Fishman Family Foundation, who was a big part in starting this partnership. Hear as we ask members of the teams what it meant for them to come out as a team and give back to the community.
Episode 23 – Brett Herman, President of MaintenX

Tune in for the next episode of the Habicast! Mike and Morgan speak with Brett Herman, President of MaintenX, on their significant growth and partnership with Habitat over the years. The company is currently sponsoring their 6th home with Habitat for the Gil family, and we look forward to many more!
Episode 24 – Community Leaders Build Day

On October 29th, Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas and West Pasco Counties hosted a volunteer build day exclusively for elected officials from across the county. Exhibiting that affordable housing is a nonpartisan issue; nearly twenty-five elected officials from across Pinellas volunteered to help build a home in Tellor Estates, and a better future for a Pinellas County family. Hear from our local elected officials on why they are building with Habitat.
Episode 25 – Year In Review | The Last Habicast Episode of the Year

Tune in for the last episode of season one of the Habicast! Mike and Morgan give us a Year in Review, highlighting the accomplishments of Habitat Pinellas & West Pasco in 2021.

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