Homeowner Education

Educational classes are a core piece of our Homeowner Program. Successful candidates will achieve new home buying knowledge through financial literacy, home maintenance, and much more.

View our course catalog below:

joining the habitat family

Welcome to Habitat

meet the team

Budgeting 101

Overview of budgeting, creating a spending plan, etc

Habitat Ambassadors

Donors, Sponsorships, Media, etc

Budgeting 101

Overview of budgeting, creating a spending plan, etc

Building the Homeownership Toolbox

Budgeting 102

couponing, budgeting, etc.

Money Smart Modules

11 modules

Financial Literacy Modules

7 modules

HUD Certification

Bank Requirement – held outside of Habitat

Home Maintenance 1

interior maintenance

Home Maintenance 2

exterior maintenance

Energy Conservation

reducing energy costs

Healthy Relationships & Parenting

(formerly domestic violence)

Being a Good Neighbor

Fire Safety & CPR

Tree & Landscaping

The Final Lap

From Dream to Homeownership

Warranty Class

discussion of new home with the Construction team

Budgeting 103: Budgeting for your new home

Held by finance team prior to closing

Insurance Class

Mortgage Documents

Community Engagement & New Information

In addition, several elective classes are offered throughout the HOC’s tenure with Habitat. These include (but are not limited to):

Something for Everyone

Services from Hospice

Live Your Best Life

Stress Management, Life Organization & More

Children’s Mental Health


Voting & You

The Playhouse: How to be a Habitat Kid

Emergency Preparedness

Healthy Habits