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“I want teach my children about generational wealth and financial literacy so that they do not have to experience the hardships that I had to experience. I want to start a legacy for my family and for generations to come.” 

Jaime Pitt is a single mother to three children and a Medical Assistant at Florida Digestive Specialists. She is on her journey towards homeownership with Habitat so that she can provide a safe and stable home for her family. Jaime’s oldest son, Julian, is 16 years old and is interested in football and studying Marine Science once he goes to college. Her middle child, Ja’Nee, is 13 and loves track, cosmetology, dance, cheerleading, and is described as a “dreamer” by her mother. Her youngest child, Deontae, is 10 years old and enjoys football, video games, and anime. When describing her family, Jaime explains “We are a close family who enjoys spending most of our time at home. On weekends we enjoy time with extended family sitting around laughing eating and enjoying each others company. Family is very important to me and my children are my first priority.”

For the past ten years, Jaime and her children have been on public housing and have lived in numerous apartments where they have experienced unlivable conditions such as pest infestation, poor plumbing, and mold. Jaime says, “During this time I was forced to learned to maintain and fix my own home issues due to lack of care from the owners of the properties.” Jaime has had the dream of being a homeowner ever since her first child was born. She was very excited when she learned of the news that she was accepted into the Habitat program. “I am finally starting my journey to accomplish my goal of being a homeowner and starting a legacy for my children.”

In her new home, Jaime is most looking forward to her children having their own space to express themselves. “Habitat for Humanity is one of the best decisions that my family have made to build our future.” Building a Habitat Home and giving a family like Jaime’s a sanctuary of stability and security would not be possible without donations from our community. Donations to Habitat can be accepted in the form of monetary donations, sponsorships, and physical donations of furniture and home appliances to our ReStore. For more information on how to Donate to our organization, please visit our Donate Page on our website.

“My family will have a place called home, Our home. We will no longer have to worry about unlivable conditions or having to move due to lease ending. I imagine above all that my kids will have stability.”

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The Pitt Family home was dedicated on June 13th, 2023.

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