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“Home is where I want to be and where I am the happiest.”

Amanda Mercurio is an administrative assistant for Lutheran Services of Florida and a single mother to 10-year-old Christian. She and her son are very close to easy other and consider themselves to be very similar. “We are extremely alike from being caring and sensitive to pranksters and being stubborn. I have always had a huge amount of pride in being his mother, it is one of my biggest accomplishments.” In Christian’s free time, he likes to play basketball, read, and play video games like Fortnite ad Pokémon. The mother-son duo likes to spend time together by watching Tik-Toks and playing games. Amanda says that they are definitely two fun people to be around!

The Mercurio Family’s living situation has been very challenging every since Christian was 1-year-old. Amanda had moved in with her boyfriend at the time and it became a very unhealthy relationship and decided it was best to move out of the house and in with her mom and step-dad. She says “Being a single mother and in this economy we live in is tough when everyday the rent prices are changing. It’s becoming impossible to live on your own without working multiple jobs.” She says being 30-years-old with a 10-year-old son and still living with her mother is rough and she is excited to have her own freedom.

When Amanda received the news that she was accepted into the program, she says she was “very thankful for the opportunity and privilege of being accepted.” She was so excited and happy that she wanted to leave work early so that she could go tell her son. After moving into her new Habitat home, Amanda expects her and her son to be a lot happier. “We are both happy people already, but this is a huge step to having something of our own. I will feel like I am more of an adult than I already am.”

For those who are considering applying for the Habitat for Humanity program, Amanda offers these words of wisdom: “Absolutely try. The way everyone has worked with me to get to where I am has been amazing. Be patient and hopeful when applying that at first you might not get all the way there, but you’re on the right track.” For more information on how to apply or refer someone to the program, please visit our  Apply Page.

“Don’t let fear keep you from creating a future worth living for.”

The Mercurio Family home was dedicated on June 16th, 2023.

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