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“Habitat for Humanity is program that not only gives hope, but provides opportunity simultaneously.”

Antwon Foster and his 18-year-old sister, Westeria, are ecstatic to have been accepted into the Habitat program and to start their journey towards homeownership together. Antwon works in the Transportation and Parking department for the City of St. Petersburg and has had legal care of his younger sister for three years now after their mother passed away. The two siblings live with their two puppies, Bentley and Lola.

“There are many changes happening all over the world that has caused the cost of living to increase. I would like to provide a stable living situation for my younger sister and I.” Antwon and Westeria are currently renting a home that is draining them financially. Their house is older and has many flaws that has contributes to the siblings having to pay higher than normal utilities. On top of that, their rent has continued to rise, making their living situation unaffordable.

Antwon and Westeria are very excited for their new Habitat home. “I want to ensure that I can have a permanent and reliable living situation that will allow us to live comfortably and secure we can have something to call our own,” Antwon tells us. So far, Antwon has already learned many things while earning his sweat equity hours. “I have learned so much in this short time,” he says. “Everything from exterior painting, putting in window screens, and budgeting.”

Our affiliate is making a further commitment and investment advocating for the advancement of affordable homeownership. We have created our “Affordable Housing 101” one hour virtual workshops that provide affordable housing education, awareness of current issues, and actionable steps that can be taken. For more information on how to sign up for a session, please visit our Advocate Page on our website.

“Home is the starting place of love, where hope and dreams and new memories will be made.”

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The Foster Family home was dedicated on June 15th, 2023.

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