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Habitat for Humanity’s advocacy efforts are essential to expanding the supply and preservation of affordable homes. With 1 in 6 households in Florida spending over half their income on housing—Habitat alone cannot solve the problem. You can help by becoming an informed voter on housing issues!

take action today

Step 1: Find Your Representatives
Step 2: Learn Candidate Stances on Affordable Housing
Step 3: Pledge to Vote for Home

Step 1

step 2: learn candidate stances on affordable housing

Recent polling published by the Opportunity Starts at Home Campaign indicates 76% of voters are likely to vote for a candidate that has a detailed plan for making housing more affordable. In order to educate and inform our community to prepare for the upcoming elections, Habitat asked all candidates to complete a questionnaire regarding their stance on the housing issues directly impacting them. The questionnaire is not meant to serve as an endorsement of/for any particular candidate and/or political party.

A little about our process. At the beginning of September, each candidate was both mailed and emailed our candidate questionnaire, providing an October 5th deadline for responses. Candidates were advised if a response was not provided by the stated deadline our publication would state ‘Did Not Respond’. Each questionnaire contained the same questions for all candidates in a given race and the responses are posted verbatim with no editing for your review and consideration. We thank all candidates willingness to run for public office and thank those who took the time to discuss their views on affordable housing.

Candidates in green have submitted a questionnaire. Click their name to read their responses.

Pinellas County Commission
Larry Ahern, District 1 – Did Not Respond
Janet Long, District 1 – Did Not Respond
Tammy Vasquez, District 3 – Did Not Respond
Charlie Justice,  District 3
Rene Flowers, District 7
Maria Scruggs, District 7

Pasco County Commission
Kathryn Starkey, District 3
Jessica Stempien,  District 3
Brandi Geoit, District 5
Jack Mariano, District 5 – Did Not Respond
Victor Rodriguez, District 5

State Representative
Daniel Endonino, District 36 – Did Not Respond
Amber Mariano, District 36 – Did Not Respond
Tammy Garcia, District 37 – Did Not Respond
Ardian Zika, District 37 – Did Not Respond
Jessica Harrington, District 64 – Did Not Respond
Traci Koster, District 64 – Did Not Respond
Kelly Johnson, District 65
Chris Sprowls, District 65 – Did Not Respond
Nick DiCeglie, District 66 – Did Not Respond
Patricia Plantamura, District 66 – Did Not Respond
Dawn Douglas, District 67 – Did Not Respond
Chris Latvala, District 67 – Did Not Respond
Ben Diamond, District 68
Matt Tito, District 68 – Did Not Respond
Linda Chaney, District 69 – Did Not Respond
Jennifer Webb, District 69

State Senator
Christina Paylan, District 19– Did Not Respond
Darryl Rouson, District 19 – Did Not Respond

step 3: pledge to Vote for Home

This November, help make the #CostOfHome affordable in your community and across the country. Pledge to vote by adding your name today.

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