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Michael has been a partner at Accenture for 25 years. His family was in the building business, and has experience with construction. This was one of his main reasons for becoming a Habitat volunteer alongside his wife six months ago. Most importantly, he volunteers with Habitat because, “I like to think that I helped a family or single family member with child move into a clean, save and comfortable environment. I like to think that moving into ‘MY HOME!’ can be a positive turning point for the new owner and family members.”

When he is working on the build sites, Michael enjoys seeing progress being made on a home. “I like to see the future owner gradually realizing that soon this will be their new home”.

“I can only imagine what some of the Homeowner Partner Families went through to get to the point that they are standing in the middle of what will soon be ‘MY HOME!’. I hope to contribute to that day when they lock the door, turn off the lights and go to bed in ‘MY HOME'”.

His favorite memory from volunteering includes construction projects on the build site. “Working side-by-side with my wife cutting and installing all of the blocking needed for closet poles and shelving to be installed in the bedrooms after the drywall and plastering is competed.”

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